Zebra Mussels

Zebra mussels were identified in the northeast area of Eagle Lake in August 2018. As you take out your lake equipment this fall, please use the following as a proper procedure to use if you see zebra mussels on your lake equipment.

Zebra MusselIdentification

  • Take a picture of the zebra mussels or contact an Eagle Lake board member promptly so that we may come over to record the AIS.
  • Our board member Glen Simons will deliver the information to proper authorities.

On-site action to take

  • You don’t have to remove zebra mussels found on lake equipment removed from the lake if the equipment will stay on your property. The mussels will dry and die over winter.
  • If you want to remove them, put them in a container which will not be exposed to a water source.

Transport action to take

  • Lake equipment which will be stored away from the lake resident property must have the zebra mussels removed before transporting the equipment.
  • If a lake service provider is hired to remove the equipment from the resident site for storage, they must have a permit to transport the AIS contaminated equipment to their facility where they will remove the AIS.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with responding to this AIS issue. Please contact a board member with any question you may have. We will get answers from appropriate sources for you.Zebra Mussel