About Us

​​Mission Statement

Eagle Lake Improvement Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing, preserving and protecting the quality of Eagle Lake and its watershed. ​In cooperation with public agencies, we will promote responsible environmental practices and provide information and opportunities to unite the Eagle Lake community through recreation, social and civic activities.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in becoming a board member of the Eagle Lake Improvement Association please call or email a current board member and ​discuss any questions you may have about what it involves. ​Here are the highlights:

  • We have fun, meet new people, and grow as individuals.
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of our time.
  • Our lakeshore is perhaps one of our biggest investments


The Eagle Lake Improvement Association originally was formed because of concerns over declining water quality. The Eagle Lake Improvement Association by-laws were adopted on July 7, 1966. In December of 1968 the Eagle Lake Association lead the discussion on a centralized sanitary sewer around the lake with Kandiyohi County. By October 20, 1969 Kandiyohi County commissioners approved Eagle Lake’s centralized sewage system, and in 1973 the peripheral sewage collection line was in place around Eagle Lake. It was the first of its type constructed in out state Minnesota. Three sediment basins were also constructed in the watershed; they were designed to reduce the sediment and nutrients delivered to the lake from its predominantly agricultural watershed (Simons, 2011) and (Wright, 1995).

The Eagle Lake Improvement Association requested a lake management plan update in December 2011 to re-assess the water quality, aquatic life and aquatic plant communities in Eagle Lake, as well as evaluate the watershed conditions and then prepare lake management ideas.