Hawk Creek Bridge Project


December 15, 2017

Since our summer picnic in August, a number of actions have taken place. DNR District Manager Skip Wright and DNR Parks & Trails Supervisor Ethan Jenzen have kept the Eagle Lake board apprised of issues related to the new bridge status from the DNR perspective.

We sent $13,885 from the bridge fund to MN DNR for installation expense per DNR request.

In September, the formal on-site engineering study was completed. This study determined the specific materials needed and construction costs to be incurred preparing the site for the bridge installation. The DNR plan requires that this bridge will be built as a “50 year bridge”.

Preliminary installation estimates in 2015 were $14,000. The current on-site DNR engineering installation study this Fall now sets actual installation costs will be $20,000. The cost of the required “50 year bridge” abutment materials is the primary reason for the cost overrun. The Eagle Lake board has agreed to cover the additional $6,000 installation cost with DNR.

In November, DNR Parks & Trails cleared trees and brush from the bridge site. This debris has not yet been hauled away. Ethan Jenzen has also located rip rap rock from US Fish & Wildlife.

In November, the site on both sides of the creek has been staked to indicate the location of the new bridge for contractors who will submit bids to complete the installation work. The letting of bids will begin once DNR signature approval for bids has been received.

On November 30, we sent $18,000 from the bridge fund proceeds to Wheeler Mfg. to pay for the bridge. The bridge is paid for. This action creates a $-0- bridge fund balance.

The Eagle Lake board requests that you, our residents, consider sending an additional voluntary contribution to to the Eagle Lake Association to help cover the $6000 needed to complete the new bridge project. All actions this Fall are moving toward the new bridge installation in 2018. Please help us complete the project. Thanks in advance from the ELIA board.

Please send contributions to:
Eagle Lake Improvement Association
P.O. Box 1653
Willmar, MN 56201

December 7, 2017

Here are pictures of creek where the bridge will cross. Parks & Trails cleared trees and brush at the site. Not hauled away yet. Stakes are in the ground. – Norm Westby


July 2017

Glen Simons has been in twice-monthly communications with DNR District Manager Skip Wright and DNR Area Hydroligist Ethan Jenzen since our Spring 2017 Newsletter update. Skip has been working at confirming all details on issues with the bridge purchase and funding transfer along with installation issues and site responsibilities. Each item addressed has had to be approved at the multiple levels of DNR management with final approval at the DNR State Office. The process has been slow and on-going, but steady. Patience has been our virtue.

On July 7, 2017, Glen received the call from Skip that the Eagle Lake board has been waiting for. Skip instructed Glen to send a check from our “bridge fund account” in the amount of $13,885.00 to MNDNR Ecological & Water Resources. This amount will be used for the installation of the Bridge that we are purchasing from Wheeler Lumber, LLC. The check has been sent. At a later date this year, we will receive a DNR instruction to complete the purchase of the Bridge from Wheeler.

DNR’s plan at this writing is to install the Bridge yet in this calendar year 2017.

April 2017

Glen Simons and Norm Westby met with MN DNR Supervisors Skip Wright and Ethan Jenzen on March 10 2017 to discuss DNR’s progress on the bridge moving forward. Skip indicated that the project has now received approval from the state MN DNR office. The following issues were reviewed to assist DNR guidelines in the on-going process.

  1. ELIA will be responsible for maintenance of the trails on both sides of the bridge.
  2. ELIA will be charged a fee for a DNR “bridge inspection” to be completed every 5th year.
  3. Glen confirmed that the Bridge will be delivered assembled to the site.
  4. DNR will determine whether Monies or the Bridge will be gifted to DNR.
  5. DNR Engineering will review the current bridge specifications.
  6. DNR Engineering will determine on-site installation specifications.
  7. DNR will establish a bid process for installation.

December 2016

The decision to self-fund the bridge project was approved by the Eagle Lake Improvement Association board in December 2015. This decision was made because the board had exhausted all previous avenues of trying to secure public funds through grants. Fundraising began in January 2016 and the program was presented to Eagle Lake residents to secure their support. We thank our Eagle Lake residents and businesses for your generous support. We also received significant support from Kandiyohi County, Dovre Township and Green Lake Township.

The fundraising goal was reached in July 2016. A total of $31,884.36* has been identified and set aside as Bridge Fund proceeds. The board formally gave notice to the local DNR office in that same month.

DNR Area Hydrologist Supervisor Ethan Jenzen took control of the application process and identified issues associated with the bridge. Such issues include, but, are not limited to the some of the following: liability once the bridge is in place, how DNR will receive this private gift and also determining which entity will be in charge of the letting of bids, construction and installation phases.

These issues were addressed in August, September and October. When this information was ready, DNR Area Hydrologist Ethan Jenzen and DNR District Manager of Region 4, Skip Wright, presented the bridge project application to the DNR Southern Region Management Team in New Ulm on November 7, 2016. The Management Team approved the project application.

The next step in the DNR process is that DNR Area Hydrologist Ethan Jenzen will present the bridge project application to the Minnesota State DNR office for final consideration and approval. Ethan has requested that a representation of Eagle Lake board members be available during that presentation.

As of this writing, the local DNR office and the Eagle Lake board are waiting for the state DNR to give us notice of a scheduled meeting date to present our bridge project application for final approval, along with direction for the bridge gift transfer and installation phase.

*Contributions Breakdown:
Eagle Lake Members – $14,010.00
Erik Pentz Memorial – $1,475.00
The Barney Store – $1,000.00
Sunray Store – $300.00
Family Practice – $100.00
Dovre Township – $6,000.00
Green Lake Township – $1,000.00
County Public Works – $8,000.00
Total – $31,885.00

July 2016

The Eagle Lake Improvement Association Board of Directors is pleased with the progress of the Hawk Creek Bridge Project. DNR Area Hydrologist Ethan Jenzen has been working closely with us in helping make this project possible. Since the DNR will be assuming full liability of the bridge once it is installed, there are certain documents DNR requires for approval and filing. This process is nearing completion. When approval is received, the local DNR office will prepare engineering specifications for the bridge abutments, footings and installation requirements that a contractor will need to follow. Bids will be sought from local contractors. Our goal has been and continues to be getting this project underway in 2016.

We are almost at our goal of $30,000 for the funding of this project. The Eagle Lake Improvement Association has been overwhelmed by the support of this project from lake residents, local businesses and government bodies. We are less than $1000 away from our goal. Thank you for your support.